ITN: Initial Training Network

What is ITN?

networks Initial Training Network (ITN) is a unique opportunity for a private company to recruit the best researchers of tomorrow on a joint project. In an ITN, different R&D organisations of both public and private sector can build a consortium aiming to train researchers at the beginning of their career, based on a joint research training project. Trainees are mainly early-stage researchers (in the first 5 years of their career in research) who will broaden their research competences during their training by acquiring new skills through exposure to different sectors (private/public). Trainees must comply with the mobility rule, i.e. they must move from a country to another country.

Who can apply?

ITN participants are research organisations from public and private sectors, e.g. universities, research centers, large companies, SMEs. An ITN consortium must be composed of at least 3 participating organisations established in at least 3 different countries.The active involvement of a commercial entreprise (either as a full network participant or as an associated partner) is compulsory.

What is the overall budget?

Overall budget for the ITN Call in 2010: N/A

What is the success rate?

ITN is highly competitive: in 2008, the success rate was 10%. So, be the best!

What does the funding cover?

  • Salary costs of early-stage researchers to be trained
  • Salary costs of experienced "visiting researchers"
  • Organisation of workshops and conferences to facilitate sharing of knowledge

Which research topics are supported?

ITN follows a bottom-up approach, i.e. there are no pre-defined priority areas. Research fields are chosen freely by the applicants. ITN is also a cross-cutting action and concerns all domains of research and technological development.

How does it work?

Submitted proposals are evaluated against a series of predetermined criteria by international experts and then selected for funding, typically for 4 years.

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How to apply?

You will submit a "proposal" for a project that should promote a strategic research partnership. This partnership which can be co-ordinated by either a commercial or a non-commercial participant. It should also highlight longer-term cooperation. And it should make full use of all the skills and synergies available in the partnership.

The Guide for Applicants will provide you with decisive information.

When is the Call for submission?

The Call for ITN 2010 is open in September 2009 with a deadline for submission in Decenber 2009. Exact days to be confirmed.

When do you know if your project gets funded by the EC?

Once you have submitted your proposal for an ITN, you have to wait about 4 months until the EC announces whether you are invited to negotiate or not.

  • If your project is on the main list, you will be invited to the negotiation phase in Brussels
  • If your project is on the reserve list, it might eventually get funded, if funds are still available after the negotiation phase of the projects ranked on the main list
  • If your project is evaluated below threshold, it will not get funded. But you can try again and submit at the next attempt.

How to get support?

A network of National Contact Points (NCPs) has been established to provide advice and support to organisations which are preparing proposals. Get in touch with your NCP at an early stage! She or he will help you!

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National Contact Points

If you need assistance, please contact your nearest National Contact Point (NCP).

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